Thick as Thieves – Down Under

Please note Sting Plus movies include some sexual content

An incident of theft at the college has the Headmaster up in arms.

The perpetrators are quickly bought to book. Two boys Rigby (Oscar hart) and Henson (New Stinglad Jack Barrett) have purloined the college excursion fund for their own use.

The Headmaster quickly appoints their Housemaster Mr Holden (Marco) to deal with the two miscreants. His method of punishment is simple but sure. Both boys will
be put over his knee for a scorching spanking on their bare bottoms, something Rigby particularly hates.

After this it will be the old brown leather belt and rattan cane to finish the job of disciplining this wayward pair.

When they eventually rise from being bent over the Heads study desk with their red raw and painfully stripped bare bottoms exposed, sitting down will not be easy
for quite a while.


In Part 2 the second House Master deals with another naughty student, Barton played by Justin Maher


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Thick as Thieves – Down Under in Standard Definition


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