A senior college student is in trouble again (Andy Easton) He’s been warned several times about his behaviour and now its gone too far as have his chances. Now he knows what’s coming and has to be resigned to taking his punishment.




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While facing the locker he saw the the Master taking down the rattan cane, this painful little stinger really bites especially when used on the bare bottom.










However, the naughty boy spanking over the knee of the Housemaster after a caning is just humiliating especially if you are a strapping senior like Andy!





By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Sting Raw: About Time (at Clips4Sale)”
  1. wonderful short film. delightful caning. Marco perfect as always and Andy Easton has wonderful vocal reactions unlike so many of the newer actors. I highly suggest you get this film. but yet again not enough time spent caning on the briefs (only 2 close up strokes???) and although this is a professor/student story line I still think the bad boy accepts his punishment too readily.

    1. It is possible, but I can’t make any promises. I am not sure when the next Hornet is scheduled for, or who will be in it.

  2. Andy appears to have lost some weight over the summer but he still has that incredibly spankable bottom! I am delighted to see him back.

    1. Andy has been working on a farm for most of the summer, he has lost a bit of weight, but has become a bit more muscular and toned, especially in the upper body. As you mention, his bottom i still in great shape!

  3. Great to see Andy Easton back again. He seems to be more impressive than ever, both as a boy with a great bottom, physique and handsome. A real delight.
    Also so good to see the cane properly applied by Marco.
    Young Andy at this rate will soon be on a par with our Robin. It would be great to se them both disciplined together.

    1. I wiil suggest that pairing to the Director. I am glad you enjoyed this video, it is a keeper for Andy fans and cane enthusiasts.

  4. it’s a little while since young Andy’s pert and phenomenally spankable bottom graced the set of a Sting clip so it was just the cat’s ass to see him appear on my screen this morning when I logged onto Jock Spank! And in a fantastic little video that ticks so many of my boxes!

    Starting with a good hard caning, the severity of which really shows in Andy’s face! The intensity of the punishment increase as it progresses though the stages of being laid on across the taut seat of Andy’s underpants to being administered on his beautifully rounded bare bottom! And doesn’t he bend over SO cheekily to be disciplined, his bottom sticking out at the most impertinent and provocative angle! Just bending like that, far enough to give a delicious glimpse of waistband, is SERIOUSLY asking for it!

    And then, the humiliation of being laid over the knee and very thoroughly spanked! Being smacked on a bottom already red-wealed from a good caning is excruciating because you not only have all the new pain of the spanks themselves but the fiery burning of the stripes left by the cane is reignited all over again – a truly awesome way to be spanked!

    One of the things I really enjoy about watching Andy being disciplined is that he is a very convinced wearer of coloured underpants and he likes his boxer-briefs good and short! I think we’ve yet to see him in white boner-killers and I personally hope that’s how it stays. Today’s selection from his pants-drawer is just the perfect pair of spankingwear – two-tone, a great colour and just perfectly short to frame his bum really cheekily for a spanking! Brilliant choice, Andy, my lad – conscious or otherwise! Combine them with skinny shorts and a singlet and you have a punishment ensemble straight out of Spankers’ Heaven!

    Boxes ticked
    – the cane
    – skinny shorts
    – waistband
    – coloured underpants
    – boxer-briefs
    – laid over the knee
    – coloured singlet

    Great start to my morning, Sting! Please let’s see more of Andy!

    1. Another great comment from you Dr van Spanking, they are always fun to read. I am pleased that young Andy appealed to you! Having read your comments in the past, I guessed Andy’s chosice of underwear (or spankingwear as you call it) would meet with your approval 🙂

  5. Haha! Thank you, Bruce! Please could I add my voice to those who would love to see Andy and that incorrigible and beautiful young rascal Robin Palmer disciplined together?!

    At the risk of sounding big-headed, I take personal credit for adding the term ‘spankingwear’ (denoting the underpants or short shorts a boy is wearing when he is spanked) to the vocabulary of our fantastic spanking community!!! Dick van Spanking.

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