Sting Raw : All About the Money

When student (Austin Cook) sneaks in to the changing room to see what he can find fortune turns against him. The coach (James Holt) catches him in the act of rifling thorough his possessions.

Not one to mess when students are as bold as Austin, he decides to give the lad good spanking! Its a punishment he well deserves and he’s going to get a double dose until he sees the error of his ways!


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All About the money stars James Holt and Austin Cook


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Raw: All About The Money”
  1. I suggest Sting revive its old “Headmaster’s Study” set for a chance to see Austin in his white shirt and tie. I’d love to see him over the edge of the chair à la Damien in “Bicycle Thief.”

  2. I do so fully agree with HRH Austin would be brilliant in the cast of the Headmasters study or indeed either Discipline Down Under or Kiwi College. He has such a delightful 6th formers smooth bottom and thighs which are just a delight too.

    Personally I would love to see him now well slippered/


  3. I fully agree with Michael and hisroyalheinie that Austin is perfect for a school based scenario. This is what Sting do best and I would also like to see a revival of the Headmasters Study series.
    There are too many American themes for my liking of late which do not excite me at all but I can understand Sting going for this as it must be a lucrative market but please remember us loyal Brits.

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