Sting Raw: Console Me


Thomas (Richard Hicks) rather than get his college work completed preferred playing games on his console. Unfortunately for him his Step brother (Marco) arrives home and finds him not doing what he was supposed to be doing.

Thomas(Richard Hicks)没在家写作业,却在玩他的游戏机 很不幸,他的继兄(Marco)回到家,发现他没在做他该做的事情。

Disappointed and quite rightly fed up with his behaviour he takes Thomas to task and gives him a damn good spanking starting on his jeans ……



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…and finishing on his stinging red butt!


Still not convinced he has learned his lesson ordered over the arm of the couch he then receives a good dose of the slipper until his perfectly shaped butt is stinging.


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Sting Raw “Console Me” at Clips4Sale



Title 2257



By Bruce

One thought on “Sting Raw: Console Me”
  1. Young Richards shapely bottom is well spanked and slippered.
    Some excellent shots when he is bent over the sofa for the sipper.
    In my opinion this discipline was more effective and severe to that given to young Austin in the download ‘Austin feels the sting.’. Had I been slippering him I would also as spanking both cheeks delivered some shots across the middle of this naughty boys bottom.
    It is an excellent production and nice to see Richards bottom being disciplined again.

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