Sting Raw: Flogging


A Sting Raw Production – “Flogging”

Sting Raw gets straight to the action in this short with Young Morrison
(Brad) He plays a sixth former caught yet again by the Housemaster
skylarking in the dormitory after lights out. He’d been warned enough
times before but this seems to have gone in one ear and out the other!
The last time it happened the Housemaster had promised him a flogging
if he ever misbehaved after lights out again. Morrison though it was a
bit of a joke but now he is being dragged in the common room by his
ear, the housemaster intends to make good his threat. No joke then,
these cheeky sixth formers need to realise they don’t rule the roost
like that think they do.

First off Morrison finds himself laid face down on the refectory table
for a good hard bare bottom spanking. As the Housemaster’s hand cracks
down the young sixth former’s bottom quickly turns bright red. He is
squirming and hissing as the angry palm smacks down and really begins to
feels its full sting as the housemaster steps up a gear in to a very
unwelcome rapid fire.

This is just a precursor and now Morrison is bent over the table,
his scorched backside about to feel the stinging rattan school
punishment cane. Cane stripes on top of a spanking are really going to
sting! The housemaster likes to take care of his canes which are oiled
regularly as is the leather strap about to be employed to finish off
this exemplary punishment.

The wicked old leather strap echo’s round the room resounding like a
pistol shot. The Housemaster is pleased to see that Morrison’s burning
and sore bare bottom now shows all the signs of a flogging well laid on.
Maybe Morrison will just get in to bed like the others tomorrow night,
he’ll probably be sleeping face down though on this occasion!



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