In 2010 Sting introduced a new option – Sting Raw, short intense video clips available in addition to the usual Sting full length productions.

The first Sting Raw production was Fraser’s Short Sharp Shock staring James Bruce
In Fraser’s Short Sharp Shock James Bruce plays Borstal trainee Fraser. This petulant teenager is in trouble with his House Officer and now faces the prospect of some harsh discipline. With no time to waste the officer sets about delivering a firm hand spanking with young Frazer stretched well over his knee. After this and to enforce the message that rule braking will be met with stern measures Frazer is ordered to bend right over the vaulting horse. The determined officer takes out a heavy strap and proceeds to deliver a long harsh stinging strapping to the boy’s defenceless bare bottom. As the cracks from the seasoned leather burn bands of fire in to Frazer’s backside he knows that it will be sometime before he gets himself put on report again.


By Bruce

One thought on “Sting Raw – Fraser’s Short Sharp Shock”
  1. Bruce’s bottom beatiful
    Double dose of discipline
    delightful & deserved
    Frazer’s fanny fantastic
    royal red rump wonderful.

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