Sting Raw: Keep The Noise Down

Its often senior lads who are the trouble makers. They think because it’s their last year at college they can do as they like. This new boldness manifesting itself, even at the tender age of eighteen or nineteen, can still get them in to big trouble. The Housemaster of course is having none of it, if they want to act in a foolish manner then they will still be treated the same as all the others.

Knocking on the Housemaster’s study door is Clarkson (Jerry Bosak) he is one of these cocky seniors and will soon be getting what he deserves from his Housemaster, the no nonsense Mr Sharpe (Marco)

This strapping boy is going over the knee for a very sound spanking, something he may not want to brag about back in the senior dorm!

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Keep the Noise Down stars Jerry Bosak


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Sting Raw “Keep The Noise Down” at Clips4Sale


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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Sting Raw: Keep the Noise Down”
  1. Wow! Sting, what an incredible scene…Thank you all so much for this. What I would do to see Marco really screw Jerry’s brains out while beating on his ass. Would Jerry be interested in this? Well done on this Porn Academy Award deserving scene, haha!!

  2. Firstly I think that this could have been the best short clip that Sting have made in a good long while for me however because of my personal preference I am not a fan of the implements in any shape or form and of course Marco used the strap during this OTK clip I would have preferred Marco to use just his hand so for me that pondered my enjoyment slightly and I just wish the spanking had been a little bit longer and ended with a nice set of RAPID FIRE to really wake Jerry’s bottom up it would have rounded off this brilliant and hot OTK scene. As for Jerry his a very sexy model (somewhat similar to Travis McKinnon) he’s good-looking he has a very nice body a lovely bum and I quite like his new hairdo oh and his hairy legs!! Seeing such a sexy lad such as Jerry kicking his legs and putting on such a good display of himself is a real compliment to Sting. Jerry’s reactions to the spanking and seeing his legs/feet kick around in discomfort etc was very hot probably the hottest part if I’m honest and much more interesting than some of the OTK spankings we’ve seen from other lads. Jerry’s reactions where exciting and despite my taste for not wanting implements if that doesn’t bother you then I’m sure this clip is going to be one of the best over the knee spankings you’ll see featuring Jerry as of now and one of the better OTK scenes in general so I’d recommend it!!

    Ps. I want to make clear that I’m speaking about my personal preferences for what I like in a spanking clip the use of an implement may not bother you. Each to their own!!

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