Fresh out of the shower one lad (Rick Palmer) thinks he’s struck lucky when he finds an unattended wallet on the kitchen table. In fact it belongs to his elder step brother (Marco) and he should have the common sense to leave it just where he found it. But no! He decides to see what he can find inside, after all its Friday night and there are places to go and people to see.

However, unfortunately for him his step brother arrives back and catches him riffling through his wallet. Time to take some disciplinary action as only Marco can!


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By Bruce

One thought on “Sting Raw: “Oh You’re Home””
  1. Wow man! How hot is Rick?!? I shall be purchasing this one! Rick’s arse looks very firm. I would have loved to have seen a very naughty & accidental erection on Marco! Could this be possible in a scene in the future?

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