Sting Raw: Take Note


Senior students who misbehave dread one thing, that’s being sent to Mr Volny the head of PE or senior coach in the USA. Its because they know he’ll treat them like a junior boy and punishment like that is very humiliating, especially when you are an older lad.


This is the case for one unruly student (Jerry Bosak) who carries a note, the contents of which will almost certainly condemn him to a bare bottom spanking.

这是其中一个犯错学生(Jerry Bosak)的故事,他拿着一张通知单,其中的内容肯定会导致他被剥下灰短裤,

He is soon over the master’s knee ..


and it is not long before the grey shorts are removed!


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After a good spanking it will be a strapping for sure, stripped off and bending over the gym bench. Its not going to be the best day for Jerry and probably not his last either!





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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting Raw: Take Note”
  1. Jerry looks fabulous! I wish he made more noise but he is otherwise a fine addition and is well-paired with Mr. Volny!

  2. He is indeed a fine addition. I enjoyed this and his previous contribution as well.
    Personally don’t believe noise necessary the ability to take a good spanking is what matters and Jerry does this well. Also has a great bottom and thighs which add to the appeal.

  3. WOW! All boxes well and truly ticked with this spanking! It has everything – a drop-dead gorgeous naughty schoolboy laid over the knee in a good short, close-fitting pair of shorts, an uberspankable, cheeky bottom and an absolutely stunning choice of spankingwear underneath them!

    This has been a huge improvement to these naughty schoolboy scenarios – letting them keep their own coloured underpants on rather than getting them into those white boner-killers! There clearly are some well-stocked pants-drawers around among the Stinglads – let’s see what’s in them!

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