Here are some pictures from “Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment”

In this Sting Raw episode we go back to college. The Headmaster at Howard hall has finally had enough of renegade 6th formers Winslow and Robinson. Never a pair to miss an opportunity they had borrowed the bursars car on finding that he had accidentally left the keys in the ignition. Winslow (Sebastian) and Robinson (Rowan Hunter) had some serious explaining to do especially as they had managed to damage a fender during their unauthorised take and drive jaunt.

Stealing a car like this is no small matter and the Head means to make an example to the other senior boys at Howard Hall. So without a do for Winslow and Robinson’s to be a good spanking followed by two dozen and one cuts of the rattan punishment cane laid on by the deputy head. Perhaps afterwards sorely reminded by their burning backsides the two lads will become a lot more familiar with The 8th Commandment, Thou shall not steal!


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