Sting Raw: Thomas in Trouble

Lads can sometimes get far too cocky for their own good!

This time he thinks it OK to take a smoke in the changing room when its strictly forbidden.

This lad is serious need of attitude adjustment! Rules don’t seem to mean much to Thomas but one man who will change his attitude is Marco!

Typically, Marco gets to the seat of the problem


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Its time this boy felt the firm hand of guidance. No better place than on his bare bottom with a good spanking, Marco tends to know the best place to start!

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Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Raw: Thomas in Trouble”
  1. This is a lovely little cameo of a film.
    We see Austin is some very short white shorts and completely naked (how Nice) being hand spanked.
    The naked shots over Marcos knee are excellent and show both Austins smooth bottom and willy/balls to a great degree.
    He is well hand spanked it would have been nice to have seen him caned or some other implement used at the end of the spanking.

  2. WOW! Ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven!! I’m amazed young Austin isn’t starting to walk round with a permanent limp from the number of times recently that he’s been laid over the knee for a spanking!

    This cheeky lad seems to get more spankable with every film we see him in! Even just sitting lighting a cigarette in those short shorts, which don’t quite conceal his underpants, he makes me just want to lift him out of the picture, lay him across my knee and smack his bottom very hard the way Marco in fact does, going to work with his customary severity and thoroughness on the deliciously pert curves of Austin’s well-rounded bottom!

    We have seen at least two other boys wearing those spankably brief white PE shorts before but I have to say that I think Austin looks sexier and more smackable in them than the other boys who have been disciplined in them! And that really is saying something! For me, it’s partly down to the fact that it’s the first time we’ve seen a boy smacked in those shorts who has been wearing coloured underpants. It’s a fantastic sight, especially when those high-scalloped legs don’t completely cover his boxer-briefs. That moment when he is made to take his shorts down and bend over in his briefs is a real-turn on – worth watching in slow motion as I have done several times now!

    From the moment he is caught smoking by Marco, Austin radiates cheek and attitude – such an arrogant little rascal! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – those things are not to be tolerated in a young lad and if they have to be smacked out of him then so be it! And as more than one contributor to Feel the Sting and Jock Spank have observed, nothing beats a good, hard, old-fashioned spanking as an attitude-adjuster! I have never known the cockiest of boys retain his cockiness when he finds himself looking at the floor from the vantage-point of an older man’s knee! Feeling a fool and embarrassed when first told to lay over the knee is probably the best he feels, moving to utter humiliation and wretchedness as he starts to get his bottom well and truly smacked!

    The pain of Austin’s punishment is clear from his extreme facial contortions and the agonised, almost animal growling that seems to come from the depths of his being as Marco’s hard hand smacks down across his bum, growing in intensity as he receives the final stage of his punishment, laid stark naked across Marco’s knee! Quite different from the hisses and yelps that we hear from other Stinglads! And a serious turn-on for a spanker who is used to naughty boys yelping like a whipped puppy as they wriggle and squirm over my knee!

    I would like to add my voice to those who have requested a clip where Austin gets the cane – I regularly fantasise about that perky hairless bottom being striped with hot, angry red welts as he receives good old fashioned schoolboy discipline with a whippy, supple cane, laid on with all the skill that the Sting tops possess! I could see that the knee must be starting to feel almost like a second home for Austin and while it is my absolute favourite position for spanking, it would be an equally boner-making joy to see this phenomenally spankable stripling bent over the desk for the attentions of a stinging rattan rod! Just a thought…

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