Tone It Down At Home


Following on from the first part of the story ‘Tone It Down’ on the Sting Pictures website, where Robin Palmer plays a student at college who managed to annoy the Principal with his flippant behaviour… Things are about to get worse for Robin!

保持低调”这个故事的第一部分发行于Sting Pictures网站,在剧中Robin Palmer扮演一名高中学生,他轻率的言行惹恼了校长。此剧是第一部分的续集。

Robin now finds his Step Dad waiting and very unhappy after receiving a phone call from his Principal…


Robin now faces a good hard spanking


Starting on his jeans and eventually finishing on his already painful red bottom! If he cant learn at college he certainly will at home!



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Sting Raw “Tone It Down At Home” at Clips4Sale


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