Sting Raw – Who’s Sorry Now?

Robin (Robin Palmer) is in trouble again. This time he’s been very rude and cheeky to the neighbour but wasn’t banking on Marco finding out. Unfortunately the neighbour caught Marco in the garage fixing the car and complained bitterly of Robin’s rude gestures and bad language.


Marco funds the culprit in the shower and takes him to task.


He intermediately applies some much needed disciplinary action with a good spanking, there and then, on the complaining boys wet bare bottom.


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Now he orders Robin out of the shower, it need to get more serious than this! It does with Marco sitting on a bench, Robin over his knee and the boys bottom getting painfully redder with each stinging slap!







Now its time to get that carpet slipper to work on Robin’s red, rounded, rump!





And for good measure the insulted neighbour Mr O’Shea can get a few whacks in too. Its not just a red flag day for Robin but a very red bottom one too.


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Raw – Who’s Sorry Now .. (at Clips4Sale)”
  1. i am always looking for pictures like these. Please let me watch more pics like these one.
    In some few words ” totally naked boys.
    Thanks a loy.

  2. I’m glad to see a new video with Robin. He is so sweetly shameless showering in front of Marco and standing in front of Mr O’Shea. His round buttocks are so nicely pink and red… I appreciate camera shots from the ground – we can see not only Robin’s face but his whole pretty body while he is getting spanked. He always so characteristically breathes while getting whacks. I like watching Robin in your videos. I only wish this particular clip started with Robin taking off his clothes before shower. But in general the clip is worth purchase. Thanks.

  3. Chlast is right – not enough of the actor’s face! Also not enough of the actor soaping up and washing himself – it would have been great if Robin mouthed off more and got his mouth washed out with soap and spanked by neighbor – perfect setting for that – would have worked wonderfully.

  4. This actually turned out to be quite a great clip a surprise me because I’m not the biggest fan of the bath/shower themes but this clip was well thought out and the way the clip unraveled was so natural and believable and not just random. I think this is one of the best ways I’ve seen a shower/bath scene implemented. Robin wasn’t just taken to the bathroom to be sprayed with water it was all part of the story having the clip open with Robin already taking a shower added great empathise on the story it was like Robin was just going about his day and Marco had found out what he got up to naturally Marco wanted to smack Robin’s bum ASAP as he did then walking Robin to the chair to continue with a hard OTK spanking it was very hot actually. My selfish desire would require the whole clip to be OTK but obviously that’s a personal request but for what it was I enjoyed it a lot. I’m glad Marco punished Robin and the neighbour wasn’t a prime character as it would take away from it being believable a spanking especially domestic shouldn’t involve everyone it’s a private event I’d have preferred Marco to knock on the neighbors door and take Robin with him to show the neighbor Robin’s sore bottom then make Robin apologize personally speaking I think that would have been more erotic but each to their own.

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