Sting Special Price Re-Release “Angry Step Dads Round the Block” (Part One of Two)

The latest Sting Special Price Re-release is

Angry Step Dads Round the Block
Starring Luke Adams, Johan Volny, Dominic Black, David Hines, Terry Hellman and Marco

HD Only $17.99

Standard only $13.99

In this bumper edition, we follow the disciplining of four different lads. All of whom haven’t yet learned how to behave themselves. Luckily for them, although they may strongly disagree, their Dads are going to show them the way to a glowing well-behaved future. Well, glowing in a certain part, a sort of very stinging red!

First deserving step son is Matthew (Luke Adams) he likes working out and keeping himself in good shape.


Having the odd nip of alcohol doesn’t compliment this much, however, especially when it’s his stepdads, and he nearly gets caught by him in the act of sampling it.

He might be a big lad now, but that won’t stop the harsh bare bottom spanking that will follow


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and it certainly won’t stop not a good dose of Step Dads wicked willow switch!

Next is Barry (Dominik Black) his problem is he doesn’t like going to work after partying till the early hours. He’s left school now and needs to contribute to the household expenses.

If he can’t learn to grow up then he’ll have to be dealt with like a naughty boy again. It’ll be a good spanking from step Dad and a burning session with the slipper. It might just wake him up a bit to the new responsibilities of adult life!




Angry Step Dads Round the Block – in 1080p High Definition

Angry Step Dads Round the Block – in Standard Definition


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4 comments on “Sting Special Price Re-Release “Angry Step Dads Round the Block” (Part One of Two)

  1. I agree with hisroyalheinie. Luke Adams was a handsome, muscular guy with a demonstrative acting style – lots of “Ouch!”es and “Ow!”s, squirming over the top’s lap while being spanked, kicking his legs, resisting being spanked, etc. He, Leonardo King and Luke Radley, were probably the best models you ever had (with Travis McKinnon getting an honorable mention).
    Bruce – when are you guys going to cast a guy like Luke Adams in the bottom role in future videos?

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