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Kiwi College Parts 11, 12, 14 and 15

Running time 1hr 27.58

Kiwi College 11
The new junior PE master (James Holt) is trying to make an impression in his first job. He is in charge of the college’s rugby team and determined that they should keep their place at the top of the league. He’s certainly looking after discipline but some of his training methods are a bit suspect.

Kiwi College 12
The lads in college down under are still trying it on with with the staff. Pushing their luck as only they know how to do. Whatever they are up to is soon detected though as watchful eyes are always there to catch them out.

Kiwi College 14
Back down under and we find the lads at Kiwi College are still prone to the odd bout of misbehaviour. Its usually the seniors of course, filled with boldness due to the impending end of term and their departure from College.

Kiwi College 15
The chemistry worked so well in their last film together that we put exclusive Sting model Nathan Russell and Richard Hicks together again. They are friends in real life so it seemed appropriate at the time of casting.



Kiwi College Parts 11, 12, 14 and 15

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6 thoughts on “Sting Special Price Spanking Classic Compilation “Kiwi College Parts 11, 12, 14 and 15″”
  1. There was no Kiwi College 13 as such, as I recall it was released as “Kiwi College Dorm” and was a rather different theme and, therefore not included in this compilation

    1. Hi D

      I am afraid Nathan is not availabe for filming at the moment, I don’t know if or when he will be back I am afraid.

      He is a friend of Richard Hicks, and made a few films with him for fun

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