Another Sting Spanking Classic is

Tales from The Headmaster’s Study 6

校长办公室的故事 第六集 重蹈覆辙

Strarring Toby Haines, Kai Alexander, Pavel Novy and Dexter

History teaches us nothing so they say and that certainly seems to be the case with young Rory Hendrick (Kai Alexander) Already punished for cheating in a mock exam he’s now back up before the Head for doing it again!

历史无用论者常说,过去的错误不足以教给我们任何东西,而年轻的Rory HendrickKai Alexander)显然是这一论调的忠实拥趸。

However before his fresh encounter with discipline the Headmaster has to deal with Brian Harper (Toby Haines) a fifth former who now stands before him note in hand from an exasperated geography teacher. Harper was due for promotion to Prefect but now having misbehaved that’ll have to wait. The Head is disappointed in the boy’s attitude and decides that if he wants to behave like a first year he’ll treat him like one. Getting spanked when you’re a senior in the fifth form is really degrading but getting a good strapping after, bare backside in the air growing redder after each burning crack of the leather is no joke! Red face and red backside Harper needs to improve.

不过,在他面临新一轮的训导之前,校长决定先处置Brian HarperToby Haines),这位五年生惹恼了他的地理老师,现在正捏着处罚单,局促地站在跟前。
都是五年级的大孩子了,还要被校长用手掌打屁股,真是羞耻极了。而在那之后,再吃上一顿结结实实的皮带条,皮革抽打上裸露在空气中的臀部,每一下都是一道火辣的红痕,这可不是闹着玩的! 羞红的脸蛋与红肿的臀瓣交相辉映,看来Harper需要好好改善自己的行为了。


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Rory Hendrick stands next to Matthew Crowley (Pavel Novy) the Headmaster glaring at both of them. In the background viewing the proceedings with interest is Mr Heidrick (Dexter) The Headmaster has other things to attend to but not before he delivers a promised caning to Rory Hendricks bare bottom. He was warned and now the supple oiled rattan thwips its fiery message on to the boys pale nicely curved cheeks. Crowley looks back thankful it’s not him receiving those angry stripes but they will both have to face the hard stinging hand of their Form Master when the Head departs.

Rory HendrickMatthew CrowleyPavel Novy)并肩而站,在校长的怒视底下苦苦煎熬。 他俩身后,Heidrick先生(Dexter)也正默默关注着他们。
尽管公务繁忙,校长先生依然兑现了他的承诺,让Rory Hendricks的光屁股尝尝藤条的滋味。


So it begins and Mr Heidrick soon has the two pert young backsides hot and red. For poor Rory is a double dose as the cane stripes are quickly bought back to life! To finish off Heidrick has his eyes on a new instrument of punishment and brings a long flat oriental bamboo shoe horn in to play. It’s certainly has an effect, both lads now bent over the desk, sore bare bottoms jutting out, yelping and swearing that there will not be a Repeat Offence. Perhaps though we all no better?







Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 6

校长办公室的故事 第六集 重蹈覆辙


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