Sting have made a number of episodes of the popular Discipline Down Under series set in Australia in the second half of the 20th Century, howevre in this two part posr we revisit the first ever Discipline Down Under, which was released in 2008 as part of the Sting Double Bill (Which is really a “Triple feature” as it includes “Discipline Down Under” together with “1900 House of Correction” and a rather hot “Intermission” Staring Brett and Ryan – more of which later in the week)

This is the first of two postings focusing on Part One of the Sting Double Bill “Discipline Down Under 1”

Set in an Australian boarding school in the late 1950’s, Discipline Down Under 1 features Matt Mills and Barry discussing the numerous spankings dished out to themselves and various other young Aussie rascals played variously by David, Brett and JJ by the strict school staff.

In an early scene, Vex makes the first of two appearances when he and JJ both receive a sound caning, each boy watching in horror as his fellow miscreant receives his stripes.

In a later scene, David is caught smoking, and gets a sound spanking from Brett, the head of house
Brett seems to be enjoying himself, however, satisfyingly for the viewer, Brett’s own comeuppance will be making itself felt on his own firm round and very bare behind later in the movie

In the first of Matt’s two bare butt spankings, he gets the belt, whilst lying face down on a bench

Barry also takes two spanking, the first is a hand spanking delivered across the master’s knee

In addition to the time he spent over Brett’s knee David gets caned twice, once on the seat of his shorts ….

…and then later on his spectacular bare behind

The following clip, kindly contributed by Roy from Clublads, was released with the permission of Sting and features a few moments from the much longer scene where Brett Spanks David for smoking:

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