Stung For The Rent

The rent is due but instead of going to work to earn it one lad (Enzo Scott) decides staying at home with a beer is much better. He’s about to find out that the landlord won’t be waiting for his money!

Appalled at the behavior of his youthful tenant, the landlord (Johan Volny) decides it’s time to teach him a lesson.


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He’s a fit lad and may not have experienced the discipline he’s about to get for sometime but that won’t stop him now receiving a long hard over the knee spanking, right down to his bare bottom.

This could well be what you would call being stung for the rent but either way the lad will pay!

Stung For The Rent starred Johan Volny and Enzo Scott




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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Stung For The Rent”
  1. This clip features a long OTK hand spanking and I rather favour that so I’m glad we’re seeing more clips like this one I only wished that we gotten some RAPIDFIRE 🔥towards the end of the spanking I’m eager to see Johan’s RAPIDFIRE 🔥 skills and I’m glad to see that Johan is back again and he is looking great I wish that he’d stick around I really enjoy seeing him as the spanker especially the erotic shots of the models junk sitting on his legs etc.

    PS. I’d love to see this setting again with guess who…? FINN and JOHAN!! HAHA. 🤣

  2. When oh when are Sting going to revert to the traditions which made them. I may be in a minority but am no longer buying productions which only feature hand spanking. As much as I admire Finn and have no dislike of Enzo I regret just hand spanking of boys 18+ far from likes and indeed very unrealistic.

    The foundations of Sting was made on cane, strap and slipper and indeed 6th form schools, approved education, training establishments and judicial etc. I do hope tthese will feature more so in the future.

    Sorry to be critical but golden oldies like me helped to make Sting.

    1. Hi Michael

      Thanks for your comment, I understand what you are saying, and I am sure Sting will take note of it too. Sting does need to cater to their whole fan base, hence there will continue to be a number of videos which feature hand spanking only scenarios. However, that does not mean the canes, straps and slippers have been locked away in the attic. In the last month Finn has been caned and received a birching, and both James Lewis and Tom Malone have felt the leather strap. Therefore, I am sure there will be more content to your liking very soon.

      1. I have to admit I find your comment quite saddening actually if you account for all of Stings content I would say maybe 10% overall is HAND SPANKING ONLY and 90% of the time Sting use implements. You’re simply expressing your own personal preferences and desires (which is fine) but I too have learned that we are all different in terms of what we do and don’t like and simply because you don’t like this HAND SPANKING ONLY to me it’s wonderful and I want nothing more. Sting have try to please us all in my opinion I think they keep a good balance in terms of what they do. We have plenty of clips with implements Sting have even dedicated a series to the SLIPPER and Sting are simply trying to please all I think that you should reconsider the ground that you have laid down. I quote “I regret just hand spanking of boys 18+ far from likes and indeed very unrealistic” I say… To whom? I find hand spanking scenes very realistic and on the flip side is any of this actually realistic because after all it’s porn and this is a problem with a fetish the mixture of realism pulling into eroticism it’s a thin and confusing line each of us have our own thoughts about what is and isn’t good so just to clarify that for me some of my favourite clips have been HAND SPANKING ONLY and Sting still do create equal amounts of both if not more featuring implements so I’m sure that you will favour some stuff real soon. I just want to finish off by saying that there’s plenty of content that I miss out on because of my personal taste that I don’t get to enjoy it for one reason or another maybe I’m not into the spanker etc but to each their own I just find your comment to be rather eliminating to us who do like this type of content and we should all know that everyone is different and we all like different things.

  3. With regard to the comment above I would like to say that I am only interested in otk hand spanking, so thank you for this. I do not like the use of any implements.

    1. Hi Nicholas

      Thanks for your input. A lot of Sting’s followers prefer videos featuring some form of implement sch as a cane, strap, birch or slipper (I am a slipper fan myself!! 🙂 ) whereas others like yourself, and Luke, who commented the other day, prefer hand spanking. Sting will do what they can to continue to provide content which appeals to both of these preferences.


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