The lads of the local swim team drop in to the pool to practice from time to time. Honing their aquatic skills is an important part of training.

However, two members Brian (Jerry Novak) and Roy (Ted Kalem) decide they would rather be looking at porn magazines back in the changing room. This is a bit dumb as it’s not unlikely that somebody might just walk in and of course that’s just what happens. Unfortunately its the manager and his coach who surprise the rampant pair.



Annoyed that they should be foolish enough to select the changing rooms for an act of such depravity he orders the coach to teach them a lesson. No one need find out but they must be punished as a warning against any future ideas



The coach following the precedent set by his own coach way back decides to spank the lads right there and then. The stinging slaps rain down on the boys wet costumes enhancing the sting before being taken down for more scorching smacks on their quickly reddening damp butt cheeks.



Unfortunately the traffic warden is about to tow the coaches car so the manager has to finish the job. This he does with relish repeating the spanking and finishing the boys punishment with a taste of the old brown leather belt.













The boys can’t wait to get back in the water, not just to practice but to cool off their now raw and burning backsides!


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By Bruce

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