When George (Richard Hicks) and Jason (Oliver Morgensen) find they are short of cash they foolishly decide to raid Dexter’s money tin. They know its kept high on the kitchen cupboard, hard to get to but a bit of team work will soon retrieve it. While they sit counting the proceeds Dexter returns unexpectedly.

Now they are both caught literally with their hands in the till! Dexter of course is none too pleased!


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He knows these two are always up to no good and decides they can be dealt with together. They can’t really deny the crime so one by one they are taken over Dexter’s knee for a good spanking. Its one way of taking their medicine with no further repercussions.



















By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Table Manners (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Great film and loving the two lads on the table, so hot! Would love to have seen a bonus of them all sucking…just purchased…loved it

  2. Would love to see Richard Hicks and Jaydee Black paired together, preferably in a traditional school set scenario, something we have not seen from Sting for quite a while.

    1. There have been a few School based releases in recent months, Richard Hick’s last appearance before this one “Bad News” was a School one. I am sure there will be more to come soon.

  3. Dexter looks really good he’s guns look huge he looks like he’s been working out at the gym. I just love seeing a top that looks the part the models are not my type but I really appreciate how great Richard Hicks bottom looks he does have an amazing arse. I’d love Dexter to give s long string out OTK session with just his hand to Robin or Joey I mean his last clip with Robin is still my favourite so far this year. I think Dexter needs to play stepdad in the next clip with he is in his prime for the role I feel.

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