Some more pictures and a video trailer from Episode One of the “Takes from the Headmaster’s study” series “Hollis and Chambers Go Wild”.   Staring Leonardo and Luke.





The full length video can be obtained from the Sting site at the link below


By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Tales from the Headmaster’s study” (Episode 1) – Video Trailer”
    1. In England Sixth Formers are in the most senior year at school, they will often be 18 or 19 year olds.

      It is not like Sixth graders in the USA

  1. I am curious about the scene in which Leonardo King’s buttocks are shaved smooth before he is spanked. What is the purpose of the shaving?

    1. Shaving a boy’s bottom prior to spanking performs the dual purpose of adding to the humiliation of the punishment, and it makes the bottom more tender and sensitive, meaning they feel it more.

      Most of the actors Sting has done it to (Travis, Karl Frazer, Sebastian and Leonardo King, among others) have confirmed that it has that effect!

  2. Thanks, Bruce, for the info on the butt shaving.
    By the way, I thought of another shaving that would humiliate the boys even further. Young men of that age take pride in finally being able to grow pubic hair, i.e. they have finally “become a man”. In addition to shaving their buttocks and anal clefts (i.e., “cracks”), you could also shave their crotches, perinea, upper thighs and “pleasure trails”. In addition to being spanked like they were boys, these young men would be shaved smooth so that their nether regions look like boys rather than men. That would be quite humiliating!
    Perhaps you could pass this idea to the higher-ups at Sting.

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