One of the cutest Sting lads of all time, Tigger has received many on screen spankings. The hand spanking depicted in part one was just the first of four spanking young Tigger receives in
Tales from St Datchet’s Academy

In a later scene, Tigger still in his striped pajamas, and Coyote get into serious trouble, with the result that our young here receives a severe birching, on his bare bottom, while bent over the gym horse.

In other scenes from Tales from St Datchet’s Academy Tigger gets the cane ……….
…… and the slipper 
Tales From St Datchet’s Academy also stars Jamie, Brett, David, Matt Mills, Barry, Anderson, Coyote, Harry, Mike, JJ, James, Vex, Mark, Lee, Nick
and, of course, Dr. Barton
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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Tanning Tigger – Part Two”
  1. Tigger does rank with the best of the best
    with Barry, David, Ginger and Vex. And the
    rest are nothing to shack a stick at … ah …
    in another sense, every Sting ass is something to shack a stick at, if you know what I mean.
    Thanks Tigger and the best and the rest and all
    at Sting.

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