The Birching Block 10

The birch as an instrument of punishment is almost as famous as the cane. Histologically used throughout Europe, perhaps the connection with British public schools and their often used birching blocks, especially to be found at old Eton College are most well known.

Once on seeing a birch a Headmaster was once informed by a visiting lady dignitary that she didn’t think it would hurt much. His simple reply was ‘Ah but madam, you have to remember there is nothing between the boy and the birch’. It was eventually replaced by a more private caning as a punishment but even this for a while was still applied to the bare bottom.

In this short film a senior college boy, Daniels (Andy Easton) having be ‘put on the bill’ reports to receive a birching before lights out.


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A good bare bottom spanking on top of the birching will ensure that Daniel’s bottom will continue to sting for quite some time! He won’t forget this punishment in a hurry.





Andy Easton as Daniels


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