In public schools the birch once featured as a major instrument of
correction. We continue our series with another look at its
administration. One memorable feature was the type of support used to
carry out the punishments. There were several but in this story Sting
again feature the birching block, constructed to match the same size
as the original.
One of the senior boys, Daniels (Karl Frazer) has been taking too many
liberties. His continual skylarking had exasperated the Headmaster
and he is sent to his House Master Mr Sharpe to be severely spanked
as a junior might be.




Its just before lights out as Daniels is taken across the knee. He’ll be
going to bed with a very sore and well reddened bare bottom,
certainly sleeping face down this night.




Another senior boy, Rhodes (Toby Haines) has also got himself in to a lot of
trouble. His acts of misbehaviour have earned him a visit to the
birching room. His House Master will lay on the punishment and he is
ordered to strip before kneeling on the birching block.


The birch is drawn from the bucket and carefully measured again the lads
bare bottom before the first stinging stroke is brought down. As the
biching proceeds and the burning twigs swish down the boy can feel
that each stroke now seem to sting more than the last!








If Rhodes though his punishment was over when Mr, Sharpe finally put
down the birch, and made him stand in the corner, he was very wrong.


Perhaps the fiery spanking on his already well birched bare bottom, given by
his infuriated House Master, will have more than a lasting effect.






Meanwhile, Daniels has now pushed his luck too far! He too will be dealt with by
Mr. Sharpe.


A choice between his parents being informed about his insolent
behaviour or a birching sees the lad also reporting to kneel on the


After having striped for the punishment the lad can only watch as Mr Sharpe
draws the freshly soaked birch from the bucket. He feels the cold
tips of the rod gently touch his bare backside then a swish and a
searing sting! That hurt but no so bad he thinks!





However as the rod continues to descend Daniel too realises that this cruel
instrument can build to a scorching climax, his poor bottom is now on
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