In the second set of pictures from The Borstal Part 1, Trainee Hammond (Simon Lee) has seen fit by devious means to obtain a lethal weapon, in this case a shank or smallsharp knife.




 The governor is of course furious but agrees to severe punishment instead of ​further judicial action. Hammond is also sent to his Housemaster Officer Sharpe (Marco) and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.




 However to really get the message across Mr Sharpe intends to teach this youth a good lesson. Hammond is ordered to bend right over the old punishment frame specially brought out of retirement for the purpose.




A severe strapping from the heavy
regulation punishment strap followed by a set of warning cuts from the
rattan cane leave their raw and burning mark. 
The lads red and throbbing
bare bottom will no doubt remind him that weapons of any sort will not
be tolerated whilst under training at 
Rainsford Borstal!



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By Bruce

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