Introducing a new series set in the Clinic and featuring the highly popular Xander Hollister to kick it off. Robin (Xander) is a lazy schoolboy who wants to arrange a day off. He decides to try to get a sick note from the doctor. Turning up at the clinic he’s not quite sure how to go about the ruse. However he gets the perfect chance when the doctor is distracted.




The doctor (Tom Eisenburg) isn’t so foolish and cottons on quickly to the lads plan. He decides the boy is not sick after all but he’s certainly sick of the boy. 
Treatment is definitely needed; a vitamin shot perhaps, yes the perfect start to regain full health. Especially if applied at a suitable target, namely Robin’s pert and tender bare bottom.
If the sight (and sting) of the giant needle isn’t enough to put Robin straight then the sudden positioning of him over the doctor’s knee just might be. 


The sharp stinging slaps of a good bare bottom spanking is certainly a good start. Robins well rounded cheeks begin to glow warmly! 


Complaining is no good and besides he’d be in real trouble if anyone else found out what he’s been up to.


Finally and as part of his disciplinary treatment Robin is face down on the couch his backside nicely raised with towels and the doctors black leather belt scorching his already very sore bottom even redder. 
 Unlucky Robin discovers a visit to the doctor can have a sting in the tail
 Especially when you try to be cleverer than the doctor!!
Biting the pillow won’t take the sting out of his bottom !!


Now for a final check with the thermometer and yes, Robins cured and his trip to the Clinic has really got his temperature rising!






Xander Holister plays Robin, who’s visit to the Clinic does not go as planned!!

By Bruce

15 thoughts on “The Clinic Part 1 : Temperatures rising”
  1. Please can the next patient in the Clinic be Darren, Followed by Rudi or maybe Luke Radley ….. Leonardo?!!

    I hope this is a LONG series

  2. yes, let’s please have luke radley return ASAP (Headmaster’s Study 7 is perfection); rudi, definitely; new boy from Headmaster’s Study 9 (if possible, he still needs a caning); where have Aaron Alton and Pavel Novy been all my life, and more importantly, where are they now?

  3. I would like to suggest Sting do a download set in a Victorian clinic, with various evil devices and potions.

  4. I have enjoyed earlier Sting videos with medical themes – one with Damien Drake and Sebastian was especially good. However, this new video is a disappointment because of the “twinkish” appearance of Xander Holister. A more masculine, muscular model like Darren, Rudy Valance, Luke Radley, Randall Pittman, Mike Cross, etc. would have made this video much more interesting. Better luck next time.

    I second the motion for a Victorian-era clinical setting. However, any video with a medical theme would be interesting.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      I am sorry this disappointed you, it has actually proved very popular, but I know Xander is not your type.

      You will be pleased to know that at least one of the men you mention is scheduled for a visit to the Doctor within the next week. In addition Luke Radley will be back shortly in a different release taking a very hard caning. To which he responds quite expressively! 🙂

    2. I think xander is cute. I have some pictures of him in a thong and jockstrap and completely bare arsed, his arse is a delight a true bubble butt smooth and juicy very nice indeed.

  5. When is episode 2? I thought this would be a series. More Clinic please

    Next patients Should be Darren, Luke, Mike Cross, Rudy and Jonathan – especially Darren

  6. When will u release episode 2 or there is no more?!
    I’d like to see a doctor doing home visit for a boy who is faking illness to skip a school, as a result he recieves a spanking from both doctor and father. And please include the rectal temp and a suppository

    1. Hi Dr Tumtum, We do hope to shoot more like this in the future but the clinic set is having to be re built at another location as we are re arranging our studio facility.

  7. Rectal temp and suppository for a faking boy, with a doctor who does house visit, and spanked from both father and the doctor

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