The Coaches Cure 4

The Coaches Cure 4

The coach (Dorian Easton) has been waiting for his trainee (James Lewis) to turn up and when he finally shows, over an hour late, he’s none too pleased. Sorry or not this boy needs a lesson in time keeping and now’s the time to do it!

First off a good spanking over the coach’s knee


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and if a spanking’s not enough well there’s always the time honoured gym shoe. Brought down firmly across the lads already reddened bare buttocks, it cracks home a painful message don’t be late again boy!




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5 comments on “The Coaches Cure 4

  1. For us slipper fans this video is a real treat.
    Great action shots of the lead up spanking and the actual slippering.
    James has a nice bottom for disciplining and great private equipment which was well displayed.
    As a retired teacher who used to slipper boys I always had my boys touch their toes with bottom well out. It would have been nice to see James in that position which if he had his legs slightly apart would have shown his lovely bottom to perfection and presented good shots of his private bits.
    Of the present Sting models I would love to see young Lucas Taylor dressed as a schoolboy and slippered.
    That would be a real reminiscence for me and I expect most ex school teachers.
    Any way a great video,

  2. My only “criticism” of this video is that I didn’t see James’s glorious feet. Otherwise, an extremely sexy and erotic pairing!

  3. Oh, my venerable ears and whiskers! O, ye angels and ministers of Spankers’ Heaven!

    After the frisson provided by ‘Sports’ Report 21′, it is just the cat’s ass to see this drop-dead gorgeous young lad once more laid over the knee in a pair of short shorts and get his pert, well-rounded bottom smacked – and smacked hard! The opening part of the smacking over James’ short shorts was just the kipper’s knickers, with a pair of sports shorts that were just the perfect length for punishment! A punishment to which James’ responses were also perfect – those of a lad who knew that he deserved to be disciplined and yet was determined to be a big, brave boy about it! The slippering really took me back – though I never personally got it across the bare bottom (I managed to escape that particular exquisite pain and humiliation!), it is something I shall always associate with changing-rooms, along with coloured briefs and singlets, and short shorts!

    As I hope all who know me and are familiar with my comments at ‘Jock Spank’ and ‘Feel the Sting’ will know, I am not one for complaining. However, I think I need to say, and more emphatically than I did last time, that I felt that, just as with ‘Sports Report 21’ (which, by the way, just blew the Doc away!)t here was a missed opportunity here, which I am sure will be a view shared by all of us who love to see a boy getting smacked on his underpants! Having a pants-drawer that is clearly well stocked with coloured underpants, and always wearing a pair of boxer-briefs that are the perfect length to frame his cheeky bottom for discipline, James always looks SO spankable in his underpants and it seems like a major omission not to include a spanking-over-underpants sequence. After all, Lucas Taylor and young Tom were both smacked over short shorts within recent memory in a sports-strip scenario wearing a pair of short and tight coloured boxer-briefs underneath them that added both aesthetically and ‘numerically’* to their spankings! Why make an exception, twice now, in the case of a boy who looks just the BUSINESS! in his boxers?! One of the reasons that I just LOVE Sting videos is that they do the underpants sequence of a spanking SO well! I have particularly appreciated them allowing the boys to wear their own coloured underpants in school scenarios rather than the monotonous, monochrome white boner-killers that the Sting boys were expected to wear! I realise there are guys who are turned on by the sight of a boy in white briefs, s I am not knocking them completely. I guess it’s just that I think an opportunity was once again missed here to provide something that many fans would have appreciated! Having said that, there was a special thrill in thinking of a boy ‘going commando’ across the knee, to say nothing of the fact that the smacking would undoubtedly have hurt more – and there’s certainly a wealth of deep and bitter experience talking there!

    I really do hope that Sting will take on the scenario suggested by me and a few friends who are big fans of Sting – that the threat of young James being caned by Marco will be carried out – and with the utmost severity! And we would love to see Sting get James back into those short white nylon shorts, with a pair of dark-coloured briefs underneath (and I mean BRIEFS!) and make him bend over the chair or the desk for it! Or touch his toes with feet together and legs very correctly straight! However such a scenario was presented, I am sure it would be brilliantly put together!

    Till the weekend!
    Cliff van Spanking..

  4. Lovely scene. Big-balled James has the perfect butt to spank in and out of his short pants, and manly Dorian is a convincing coach (I still would love to see hom caned though).

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