The Coaches Cure

The gym has a new worker (Denis Skala) and he’s being introduced to his new job by the Senior Coach (Dorian Easton) Unfortunately he’s brought with him some personal debts and the lender wants paying now! When left alone he sees his chance and instead of asking for an advance he takes advantage of the jacket left behind by the coach. Just as he is extracting some cash from one of the pockets the Coach walks back in…whoops!

So we all make mistakes but if the lad wants to keep his new job he’ll have to receive an apt physical punishment. And so he does, with a darn good over the knee spanking!


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The Spanking is followed by a sharp caning from his muscular new master. What do they say in the gym, no pain no gain!




Denis Skala plays the cheeky worker




The Coaches Cure – in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Coaches Cure – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “The Coaches Cure”
  1. Hi, from photos only but it looks famous…thank you to take him back in to the action, Rich@Rob. May I have a question again – what about an opportunity to get Dorian to opposite role? I am sure that it would be great bussiness decision too:-))) And fans will love you more:)))

    1. Hi Dave, Sting are aware that it would be a successful video and that the fans would love it. However, the actor wishes to remain in the role of spanker, and won’t change his mind!

  2. I understand. But persuation has no limits, I believe. So my wish is to please you, go on, maybe finally he ends where Johann Volny finally ended. Bend over Rich’s knee….

  3. Have just viewed the download it is brilliant and both models are well cast. Denis with a great smooth bottom which soaked up a real hard hand spanking and then some scorching cane strokes.
    Dorian make a fine spanker and knows how to really make a young man suffer. Would love to see him deal with Austin like he did Denis i.e no holding back.
    Some really great bottom shots with Denis’s private bits well on show as well and the boy has too, some strong thighs,
    A real turn on for a cold winters day.

  4. These pictures are very erotic especially the way the guy is positioned OTK with all his junk in full view as he is being spanked – very embarrassing for him. I particularly loved the camera angel/shot looking up from the floor at 06:26-06:27 such a great angel to film from also Dorian’s disciplinarian technique is improving I presume he is attending “MARCO’S SPANKING MASTERCLASSES.” 🤣

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