PT Coach Mr Stone (James Holt) is in trouble with his boss the Headmaster. He was caught with his girlfriend stark naked cavorting in his own changing rooms. Now a notice of dismissal lays on the Headmaster’s desk.

The coach doesn’t want to loose his job so an agreement is reached whereby he will get a caning as punishment similar to that of a senior boy


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Only this caning will be harder and on the bare bottom. He’ll now keep his job but the tables will be turned and instead of one of the boys, he’ll be on the end of a burning rattan cane as it stripes his muscular backside.








Laid on by deputy Mr Sharpe, a good spanking is sure to follow too, making this quite a humiliating experience for the junior coach.







By Bruce

3 thoughts on “The Coach’s Indiscretion”
  1. I adore James Holt and all these performers, please know and understand that, but the productions are becoming repetitive. Sometime ago, on another post, I made a suggest where some wiseasses actually went onto the youtube and request someone come and “set them straight” and then they got more then what they bargained off [and then asked for it again cause they learned the value of cp] if I remember correctly this suggestion was accepted with some support. By all means don’t make that film if you don’t want to, but please play around with some fresh storylines. Please more focus on the face of the bad boy. Please don’t rush passed the briefs. And most important please direct the actors getting spanked not to just “take it” stoic and gunny sack like. (also I am, personally waiting for a good mouth washing for bad language or smoking) (some towel snapping in the locker room). I hope you are not offended by these suggestions. I truly love your actors, directors, and films – it’s just becoming a bit stale at the moment. I will always be a fan and returning audience member. Your work is too good to be ignored.

  2. I just purchased this film – and although I still believe in everything I said in my previous comment this was a wonderful film. James and Marco – wonderful pairing – and I must say Macro truly shows astounding marksmanship with the cane! The stripes looked like they were measured out with a ruler! But, again, with just the slightest of nuance the whole film would have felt “fresher” unique – a moment of protest that the coach will not accept the punishment or SHOCK at the very idea that he, THE COACH, would be caned – the coach showing disrespect to Mr. Sharpe once the principle leaves the room – Mr. Sharpe mocking the alpha-man coach once the principle left the room – Mr. Sharpe actually enjoying having the coach at his mercy as it were. Heck, a different pair of tight gym shorts for the coach at the very least. Again a wonderful film. Thank you and the actors very much!

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