The Housemaster’s Study 11

Sometimes it’s best to just nip it in the bud as they say. This was certainly going to be the case for the badly behaved boy knocking on the Housemaster’s study door (Curtis Cameron) The note he is carrying has condemned him to a session of discipline he won’t forget in a hurry.


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Being a strapping senior won’t save him either, he’s going over the knee for a good spanking. By the end his rounded bare bottom will be a stinging red and a perfect testament to the power of Mr Sharpe’s right arm!

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4 thoughts on “The Housemaster’s Study 11”
  1. Curtis looks great in a traditional school uniform. I like the way he keeps his long legs straight when being spanked. The next time he produces a note, it should warrant a caning which I think would be well worth waiting for.

  2. I am intrigued by the fact that a boy with quite hairy legs should have such a smooth and hairless bottom, Has he had his bum shaved or is that how he looks naturally?

    I was just wondering if we might be going to get a preview video at all?

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking

      I don’t know Curtis’s shaving habits, however, there is quite a contrast between his hairy legs and smooth bottom. A lot of younger guys do shave their bodies. However, if Curtis shaves his body, it would be unusual for him to do the same with his legs. Therefore, my guess is that it is natural.

      Sorry for the delay with the preview trailer, there will be one soon.

  3. A lovely chestnut of a film! It appears a straight through spanking – was it a continuous film shoot? A question please – why in all the films do the spankers make the bad boys stand and remove their underpants rather then just yank the briefs down while the lad is over the knee? Is that something done for editing? Also – sorry – but for my personal tastes I am getting very bored with black/dark underpants – wish there were more variety – maybe even some Bikini Briefs – polka dot boxers? I miss the classic white briefs myself. Just one more thing, as Columbo might say, why do none of the naughty boys argue/fight back/or refused to get their punishments (just to find themselves getting the worse for wear for doing so)?

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