The Housemaster’s Study 17

Reporting to the Housemaster (James Holt) is Robinson (James Lewis) this time he has been sent by his college tutor Mr Brown due to his appalling behaviour and inability to get his work done.

Needless to say this has to be nipped in the bud and the Housemaster decides there is only one solution and that is a damn good spanking. firstly on his back, legs up in the air on the desk!


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With each set off come another item of clothing until his sting red backside is in full view.

Then it is time to go over the Housemasters knee for another dose of hard spanking on Robinsons already sore glowing red backside. Safe to say this has certainly taught him what happens if you don’t behave and do your studies.

James Lewis is naughty Robinson




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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “The Housemaster’s Study 17”
  1. Can we please see James do something in the style of “Double Bill” or “Punishment Room”? I think he deserves a figging/feaging!

    1. We will have to see what James feels about that, a lot of the guys find figging a step too far!

      James would be great in a 1900 House of Correction scene, but that will have to wait until the new studio n is ready

  2. Great to see James back, as always. I agree with the comments above. Would also love to him in a Hornet production with Finn – preferably both in the short school shorts 🙂

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