The Housemaster’s Study 19

In this story, Richardson (Timmy Cole) is sent to the housemaster’s study, where Mr. Platt (Domonic) is waiting for his arrival to explain to him why the use of bad language is not acceptable, and to make sure Richardson knows this, he is taught a painful lesson


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Starting with the hard gym slipper, which finishes on his bare, glowing red backside.

But this fulsome student has not yet completed his punishment, as now that it’s over the knee, he goes for a good long spanking on his already sore bottom. This should keep his language in check for a while!

Timmy Cole




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By Bruce

16 thoughts on “The Housemaster’s Study 19”
    1. Actually, he hasn’t started using the name, he has gone back to using it, it was the acting name he first appeared under in the early Sting productions, such as the Punishment Book series.

  1. What a tremendous production and Young Timmy Cole is the best young man on Sting for many a long time.
    It was great to see the slipper in use and a proper school scene again.
    Timmy has a real beautiful smooth twink bottom and looks the part of a sixth former.
    He took his slippering well but clearly towards the end of the hand spanking he was finding it difficult.
    The final scene when he found it painful to pull his shorts/briefs over his well disciplined bottom is a real turn on.
    Thanks Sting and thanks indeed to Timmy and please bring him back again soon.

  2. Great to see the return of both Timmy Cole and the short school shorts.

    I agree with Michael, Timmy is one of the best new models we’ve seen for some time. Would love to see more of him – maybe in a sports locker room scenario. It’d also be great to see him paired with Finn Harper of course 🙂

  3. Agree with Horst about the no tattoos. They are a big turn off for me. Hope Finn does not get any as well. I look forward to these Housemasters Study films and a bonus to see Rob or as he is now known Domenic in great form.

    1. Sadly, that ship has sailed. Finn now has a collection of six… commas? on the back of his neck & a floral tattoo on the inside of his left forearm, which are discreetly present in his latest excursion.

  4. Finn must be overdue for a visit to kiwi college or the housemasters study. Get him back in those short shorts and some briefs.

  5. Having made the above comment, I did intend to write something about ‘The Housemaster’s Study 19′ but got taken away on another matter.

    I just want to say, WHAT a fantastic new addition young Timmy is to the Stinglads’ team! Perfect for Sting movies! Youthful good looks, a boyish physique and a pert, beautifully rounded, cheeky little bottom that was just moulded by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked!

    Importantly for me and for thee other underpants fans of this site, after only two appearances by Timmy, his pants-drawer is proving to be a rich treasure-trove – the pair he is wearing in this clip are ones that would only be worn by a very committed wearer of coloured underpants, and the pattern does bring out the roundness of his bottom as he takes his trousers down and bends over for the slipper! I’m looking forward, as we see more of him, to finding out what other treasures lie nestling in his underpants-drawer!

    I loved Timmy’s debut – good that for his first time he was laid over the knee and introduced straight away to that most humiliating and embarrassing of positions! And he is just so absolutely right for a school discipline scenario! He looks perfect in those short, close-fitting shorts, bending over to be spanked!

    It is a common misconception that the slipper was a soft option when it came to school corporal punishment. This idea could not be more wrong! A severe spanking with the slipper, especially a sandshoe, could hurt a lot more than the cane or strap laid on with more moderate force – and believe me, that’s painful experience from my own schooldays talking! Timmy’s facial expressions as the hard gym-slipper is laid on across his perky little bum are an eloquent testimony to this fact! I agree absolutely with Michael Brown about what a turn on it is to see the discomfort caused to the hapless youth as he pulls up his boxer-briefs over his well-smacked bottom! A sure sign that a spanker has done his job properly!

    I hope we see a lot more of this just utterly smashing little lad! And, yes, I too would love to see him punished along with young Finn – perhaps in another school discipline scenario with Finn in his very short shorts and a pair of tight coloured briefs!

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