The Housemaster’s Study 9

Even the junior coach Mr Harding (Ryan Conway) finds himself in trouble now and again. He’s on the carpet in the Head’s study! Reminded about the way he would deal with his own boys breaking the rules means really there’s only one option. The proverb, what’s good for the goose, as they say, certainly applies now.


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So it will be a caning and a hard one at that. The junior coach will now be feeling that biting rattan, whipping painfully down, onto his own well rounded and muscular bare bottom.


After the caning, Mr Harding finds that even he is not too big to go over the knee for a damn good spanking. Ouch! On top of those cane stripes it’s going to be a real scorcher too!

Ryan Conway plays Mr Harding



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2 thoughts on “The Housemaster’s Study 9”
  1. My favourite play-out… A strong caning followed by a hard OTK hand spanking for the models who are able to take this type of punishment it makes for such great content. I really love when a model is hand spanked OTK on an already sore bottom it’s so hot and many great clips have featured this convincing set-up. On that note I’d really love to see another SCHOOL/DOMESTIC setting that similar to “DELIVERED BY HAND” (the Matt Mill’s scene) where the model is caned at school then hand spanked OTK by the authority figure at home now that’s hot oh and not forgetting seeing the model sent to take a bath then straight to bed with a sore bottom. 👌🏻👍🏻

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