The Museum 2

It seems the local lads can’t keep out of the museum, their curiosity getting the worst of them. It’s unfortunate for them that the eagle eyed security guard (Marco) is always on the watch and never misses a trick.

This time its two well known wayward lads, Axel Green and Robin Palmer. Their unauthorised entry has been detected and the guard tracks them down to the same exhibits as before.

These particular pieces are all related to judicial and scholarly discipline devices from days gone by. The security guard has always been fascinated by this part of the museum and now seizes the chance yet again to try out some of the instruments, and catching these two young intruders gives him the perfect opportunity.

Bad news for these two of course who will unwillingly get to feel what it was like for all those other recalcitrant lads who needed to be straightened out. A flogging and a good bare bottom to follow is now the order of the day.


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Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “The Museum 2 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Robin is excellent in movies with partners. I would like only more interaction between the boys – looks, indecent, rude comments about spanking, comparing spanked butts etc.

    1. Hi PetChlast, I will pass your suggestions on to Sting, I am sure they will pair him up with another actor in the near future.

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