The Museum

Visiting your local museum can be fun but for one young lad, who wanted to get in the backdoor for free, there were more than a few surprises in store.

Jaydee had managed to find a way in through a hole where workmen were preparing a new trade entrance door. It led him to the area reserved for historic punishment instruments and equipment from yesteryear. As he was been watched all the time by the security guard (Marco) it was probably the worst area he could have ended up in. The guard had long wondered how some of the instruments were put to use and now he was going to get a chance to find out!

Jaydee on being caught red handed could either choose to have the Police called or submit to trying out the old birching pony, followed of course with a good bare bottom spanking for breaking in to the museum after hours. He wasn’t long in making up his mind.


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Jaydee Black


By Bruce

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