The Naughty List

Christmas is over but there are some stories to tell. Some young lads were not so well behaved as they might have been. In Europe of course there is Krampus the mythical demon who’s job it is to punish baldly behaved boys in contrast say to St Nicolas who hands out gifts for the well behaved. Krampus usually carries a birch to deal with the miscreants refereed to him. In the world of Sting the role of Krampus is taken over ably by Marco and Rich, it keeps them busy during Yuletide if nothing else.

Two lads, Charlie (Even Novak) and David (Richard Hicks) both get themselves in to trouble only to find there is a price to pay for misbehaving. The lads soon find that their actions have bought them a stinging session of discipline! One with the carpet slipper and a good bare bottom spanking and the other with a scorching spanking session in two different positions. Its not all bad news though, as its Christmas there has to be happy if not rather sore ending.

In the first scene of two we follow the misfortunes of the first lad, Charlie


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