The Reformatory 4 (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

Duane Barker (Joey Whyte) has managed to achieve a really bad monthly report.

His block Officer is not at all pleased as this reflects badly on him too. He decides to teach the lad a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.

Bent over a wooden stool, his butt raised high and clutching the edge of the officers desk, Duane must endure a good hiding with the offices leather strap.


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This stinging little demon is just a precursor to a good scorching spanking on his bare butt that will surely follow!









The Reformatory 4 – in 1080p Extra High Definition


The Reformatory 4 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

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    • Hi Tom

      Strangely enough I don’t recognize that picture or the actor, which is unusual for me!! I will ask Sting, or maybe another visitor will remember which film it is from.


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