The Taste Of Discipline

Starting a food fight in the college canteen is not the best way to earn merit cards. However, two students, Jason (Austin Cook) and Tommy (Richard Hicks) thought it wasn’t a bad idea at the time. Unfortunately, all they gained were direct orders to report to the Headmasters study!

He of course was in no mood to appreciate their recently acquired culinary juggling skills and bearing in mind both their recent records of behaviour, it wasn’t looking good for the terrible two!


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If the food wasn’t to their liking then perhaps the taste of discipline, to be served up next, certainly won’t be either! These two cheeky pups need taking in hand and that will come in the form of the a good spanking and strapping for the pair of them!





The Taste Of Discipline – in 1080p Extra High Definition


The Taste Of Discipline – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “The Taste of Discipline (Part One of Two)”
  1. This has to be the dream pairing of all time. Two bubble butts for the price of one. A big thank you to Sting for such a scenario.
    I would love to see these two in the tighty white punishment shorts reserved for Adam Black in the School Detention video some time ago.

  2. I am running out of fabulous descriptions for the recent batch of Sting Downloads.
    A Taste of Discipline is divine. Two great boys with bottoms which just need thrashing and spanking.
    Well costumed for the role and those blue underpants of Andrews are a real turn on especially as the cling nicely to the contours of his bottom.
    How nice to see Richard Hicks returning to the fold.
    With all these great models who all make excellent 5&6th form boys can I again request Sting make a long feature film again like Discipline Down Under, Greyshorts or My Bortstal Days. I am sure most of us would pay the extra charges involved for making such a production.
    Michael Brown

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