For the young inmates of Innesfail Industrial Institution not much passes the notice of the Brothers charged to return these young delinquents to righteousness.Two lads standing in the Principle Brother’s office are receiving a sermon about their recent bad behaviour. Murphy (Tim Law) and Conner (Milo Mills) have been caught engaging together in an inappropriate manner. The Principle ends his sanctimonious lecture by sending the two lads to Brother Mark (Dexter) to be dealt with.




Brother Mark, not known for his forgiveness soon has both boys over his knee. The lads wriggle and yelp as his firm hand descends on their defenceless bare bottoms. High over his knee the scolding slaps are preparing the boys now red and sore backsides for further absolution. Ordered to lay one on top of the other on the punishment frame the Martinet now takes over from Brother Mark’s burning left hand.









The swish and crack of the Martinet, its burning leather thongs finding their mark on the young lad’s already well spanked bare backsides bring on a sudden feeling of repentance. They can only howl as their raw whipped rounded bottoms protrude out to feel the stinging kiss of obedience from the biting leather tongues!







Scroll down to see Brother Mark get his comeuppance!!


  What goes round comes around and it’s not long before Brother Mark himself falls foul of the commandments. Girly mags have been found in his locker and the Principle is hopping mad!
In a what’s good for the goose move the Principle gives the young Brother some of the disciplinary treatment he too is so used to dealing out! Never too old for a humiliating over the knee spanking that’s just what he going to get.






Brother Mark’s very rounded and smooth bare bottom is the perfect spanking target but now he too will feel the Martinet on his already red raw bare bottom. Face down on the bench the cruel leather thongs cut sorely in the young Brother’s well raised bare backside.


Oh Brother it surely is Time to Repent!










By Bruce

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