Tone It Down


Continuing our USA theme. Sometimes the Principal has to deal with the most insolent of students.


This one played by Robin Palmer even has the audacity to deal with a phone message while in the Principals office! He’s supposed to be answering some questions about a damaged book.

Robin Palmer饰演的这位就是其中之一,他竟然大胆到在校长办公室回复手机短信!而他被传唤至此的原因,本该是为了一本破损的图书接受质询。

The Principal has had quite enough and decides a good switching will wake up this budding delinquent.


He orders the boy to bend over and starts the punishment with some good stinging whacks across the lads tight jeans.



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This is followed up of course, all the way to the little brat having to bare his bottom. Now the switch really takes effect, whipping painfully down, adding to those throbbing red stripes already laid on!



It doesn’t end here of course now he’ll get a spanking too, yes and over that already punished bare butt. Lets face it he deserves it!











Tone It Down – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Tone It Down – in Standard Definition



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Title 2257


By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Tone It Down”
  1. Nice to see our Robin well and truly caned and spanked again.
    Personally prefer a well presented Robin I think it suits him best but its always nice to see that lovely bottom disciplined.
    Its a good buy for all Robin fans.

  2. This is one of the best movies! This duet – Robin and Marco – is excellent. I love observing Robin’s bum as well as his face while he is getting spanked. He is so lovely boy, somehow concentrated on his spankings. BTW, Robin looks so slim in these clothes. And the final scene – great and amusing! I really like this video. And I wonder why Robin usually massages his bum with back of his hand…

  3. This is a brilliant clip! Robin is your best actor and model by far. Can you please do an interview or question and answer session with him; I’d like to know his views on the different implements used and his previous experience of spanking when he was younger. Keep the clips with Robin coming!!

  4. Robin is a true joy – I’m just always disappointed when the naughty boys are not wearing white briefs. Or colorful briefs – hate the drab gray and black ones that are becoming so frequent – have the producers ever considered Bikini Briefs? – they were very popular where I am from in the 1970s and 1980s and would look great on the actors.

  5. Tone It Down.
    This is an superb video. Robin is an accomplished actor and he plays the stroppy teenager to perfection
    Sorry Kass but I like the tight gray u/wear. The way his butt cheeks squirm when he is kicking off his jeans
    is almost heart-stopping
    I The photogaphy is 1st class as usual !Even allowing for the ‘tricks of the trade’ it must have been painful.
    Thanks for this and I hope that we see more of Robin meeting the cane or switch (For our American cousins! )

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