Trouble For Trevor

In this short sharp Sting video we see handsome Trevor get his comeuppance again. Having got himself in trouble with Marco he now has to face up to his punishment. Reporting to him in the kitchen Trevor is quickly aware that a caning will begin the proceedings.

Kneeling on a bench over the kitchen table Trevor’s rounded backside fills out his tight trousers making a perfect target for the swishy and burning rattan cane.


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All too soon for Trevor Marco orders him to take down his trousers revealing his colourful underwear. Now the cane stings even more as it descends with a sharp crack on to the lads thin cotton shorts.


His well formed backside reveals the sore stripes already laid on, now there is nothing between the boy and the cane as the scorching punishment continues.






With the caning over Trevor thinks its the end and quickly re dresses into his shorts. He couldn’t be more wrong Marco never lets it go at just a caning, now its time for that all too familiar spanking. Those shorts will be down again soon and poor Trevor’s already caned bare bottom will be feeling the stinging flat of Marco’s firm hand!









By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Trouble For Trevor”
  1. Trevor is a very attractive young lad. I didn’t enjoy this release as much as his debut, but I still found it enjoyable and worthwhile.

    One little peeve I’ve had with Sting lately is the lack of imagination concerning the pre-punishment situation or plot. In the case of this video, it’s nonexistent. For years the go-to transgression has been smoking. I know Sting doesn’t have the resources to do pyrotechnics (“Burned by Temptation”) for every single video, but simpler infractions such as bad report cards, notes from teachers — or, conversely, teachers not receiving homework — or even something as silly as breaking the neighbor’s window would be appreciated from time to time. I realize that thinking up creative scenarios is a thankless task, as most viewers probably haven’t complained or won’t think my little gripe matters all that much (it doesn’t, I’ll love Sting no matter what).

  2. Thanks for your comment HRH. Sorry about our lack of imagination but in fact we are having a huge change around and are working from temporary accommodation until our new studios are opened. This may take sometime. We didn’t want to pull back on production too much so have simply followed the style of other studios and put out some quick straight to the point material of late. I can assure you we really do like to make films with a storyline and we also like to be as diverse as possible with both costumes, sets and scenarios. Hopefully we can soon restore ourselves back to normal service.

    1. I appreciate your response very much, but with due respect, I do not believe this is problem specific to Sting’s current situation.

  3. I do love a storyline too – but I must express to you how much I loved this film! Loved the set! Loved how the actor Trevor opened the film by sitting down and speaking directly to the camera/audience. I loved his clothing – the purple pants – and where in the hell did he get the underwear??? Nothing beats tighty whities for me – but WOW they were something! (and the socks!) Adorable! I loved how he thought his punishment was over and was about to leave before Marco caught him. Could you please ask the actors to face the camera more and have be more expressive. Marco gave Trevor a fantastic caning and we barely got a grunt from the young man. It’s just me, but when I caught sight of the kitchen sink I was hoping he was going to utter a naughty word and get his mouth washed out with soap – I also admit I was hoping as Trevor was leaving for the second time Marco was going to pop in again, this time baring a BATHBRUSH! Please more storylines, yes, but I loved this film!

  4. Sorry – I have a P.S. to my prior comment, if you don’t mind – it’s a sort of addition to my comment about how much I liked how Trevor opened this film by talking to the camera/audience. I have always had a fantasy film in my mind where two guys, buddies & bullies (picture Joey Whyte & James Holt), put bragging and vulgar posts on social media (youtube/facebook – like that) about their bad behavior and (laughing the whole time) express a wish that someone would spank or paddle them to correct their “unstoppable” and “unavoidable” bad behavior – someone then posts back he’ll give them the behavior modification (spanking therapy) they need as long as it is a “public punishment” that will also be posted on the internet – the punks think it’s a big joke and agree – when the guy (think Marco or Johan) shows up he punishes them BUT GOOD and the two punks learn a REAL LESSION. They get the whole 9Yards – caning, bathbrush, mouthing soaping and spanking. And are then made to stand in front of the live internet feed in nothing but their underwear, rubbing their sore bottoms, tears streaming down their eyes, to make their apologies to everyone they have ever hurt – and also promise that their podcast (or whatever it’s called) next week there will be another SpankingTherapy session. The film ends with a sort of commercial ad for the SPANKING THERAPY this Professional Therapist offers complete with a toll free number like 1888-SPANKME & hashtag sort of like #PUNKBUSTER or something cheesy like that. Could you please pass along this suggestion to the STING production team? I think it will be very easy to film and would add an element of realism and comedy to the film.

    1. Thanks for your great comments Kass, they were an enjoyable read. I sent them both on to Rich O’Shea and he was very impressed with some of your storyline suggestions.

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