The second scene in TS Morsus Before the Mast stars Rudi Vallance


Leading Boy Seaman Miller (Rudi Vallance) up before the captain for fighting with local youths in the town. As he was in uniform a very dim view is taken of such behaviour. This time the Captain will deal with it directly assisted by the lads Divisional Officer.


Now changed in to gym kit the young trainee seaman embarrassingly finds himself over the knee of his Captain, for a firm spanking.

 Even more embarrassing when his tight white briefs come down and the spanking continues on his bare bottom.


This he takes with the firm shapely round curves of his bare buttocks glowing redder with each slap.


However it’s not over, the captain has left and Miller’s Divisional Officer (Marco) now has his favourite punishment instrument in hand. Face down on a bench, bare bottom raised high, the lethal leather riding crop cracks home on to Millers backside. Discipline is being administered and it’s off the record, better this than a problem later on.


The boy Seaman PTI (Simon Lee) might be able to lay it on but now he too finds himself up before the Captain on a charge. He’s been drunk and disorderly. This is not the first time and the Captain has had enough! He is ordered to be punished with corporal punishment.


In the backroom of the gym the gym horse has been raised up old style to resemble a canon. For this repeated offence the young boy seaman will kiss the gunners daughter but not before a good hard spanking is laid on to his bare bottom.


His bottom, now already stinging and raw from the spanking is now a venerable target as he lays face down on the vaulting horse. Behind him stands the Captain holding a boys pussy (the naval term given to a cat for boys but with six tails of leather)


As its thwips through the air cutting sharply in to the lads bare bottom thoughts of being sober in future rush through his mind as does the pain from this historic and formidable instrument!


Note: The cat used in the film is an original antique purchased by Sting. We are told It was used before in an East European boys reformatory years ago.

Running Time 00:29:07


By Bruce

11 thoughts on “TS Morsus – Before the Mast Part 2 – scenes two and three”
  1. The opening segment, with twinkish Mike Dean & Nicholas Salter, was a bit of a turnoff. I am so tired of twinks!

    The closing segment, with Rudi Vallance & Simon Lee, was better. Rudi was still a little too stoic, but his acting was slightly more demonstrative than in the recent “End-of-Term Tearaways” video. Simon’s acting was a little more demonstrative than Rudi’s, but still a little too stoic. However, both of these guys, although young, are of athletic build and don’t look like adolescents. In other words, they are not twinks, a big improvement over their twinkish colleagues. The tight-fitting, skimpy brief underwear worn by Rudi & Simon were the right type as well.

    Overall, a fairly good but not Cast good-looking models with athletic or muscular builds and with demonstrative acting skills, and I will buy a lot more videos from you. Persist in casting models who look like twinks and/or respond stoically to spankings, and you won’t get any business from me.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Sorry to hear you had some issues with TS Morsus. Sting has to appeal to all tastes and a number of people do like more twinky guys.

      However, I think you may enjoy the next release with Travis McKinnon which I suspect will appeal to your tastes.



  2. Ah Rasputin your comments are so comical, I do enjoy so much reading them.

    How dare these boys be so stoic ! And god forbid they should wear the wrong type of underwear

    Please keep the comments coming.

    A fan


  3. I agree wiv the above comment, Folks are welcome to their personal and they are personal views but some of us LIKE TWINKS! SO I will be buying but if Sting persisted in casting just hunks then I wont!

  4. I would imagine that a lot more people like twinks compared to those that like hunks, and that if Sting published their top 10 best selling films they would be mainly if not all twinks.

  5. I agree with certain points Rasputin makes and what annoys me about twinks that some are gay gay like to gay it just puts me off so much it’s like I’m gay and like men not girls like some twinks are hot like tigger was hot and to that comment above top 10 means nothing have you seen the top 10 music charts total krap and I don’t want to see little skinny boys I want to see fit men Dan, Robbie, Darren, Leonardo etc those guys are hot the thing with sting is there productions are good but very much well staged and otk spanking are to short now I’ve stared moaning it catches on lol. But like I respect that ppl like twinks but I visit the blog and sting seem to be more like spankthis everyday. Oh well what can you do

  6. What a stupid response and such bad spelling and grammar.

    Of course a top 10 means something. Its the top 10 best selling videos from Sting, which would represent the 10 videos which make them the most money. How can you say that means nothing?

    If twinks sell better than hunks and make them more money then they should shoot more twinks. Its pointless shooting something which doesnt make you money or your company goes bust.

    1. Hi I have allowed these messages through so that both views can be aired, however, can commentators please remain civil towards each other, I will not allow an online fight to take place.

      Thanks for your cooperation


    2. I can’t say what I want to say to you or my comment won’t get thru!

      Let me tell you this I can write how I want I can’t be ass to write out a long message with proper grammar on a phone okay. Not that I have to free world.

      But as it bothers you so much here goes…

      Just because something is top 10 doesn’t make it any better top 10 obviously sells better and would make more money for them like any other industry it’s all about the money! Anyway if sting did just continue with that theme then I would not buy anymore from them neither would other people. It’s all about the balance YING and YANG, WRONG and RIGHT you find the balance.

      Don’t call my repose stupid just because you behind a screen. #brave

      Just like to point out this is a comment not writing a CV sigh at these people! Make me mad

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