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Bad Lads Part 2

The Denisa brothers are to say the least a handful. Their long suffering Landlord (Johann Volny) has his work cut out to maintain some sort of discipline in the household. However, when enough is enough he certainly knows how to put his foot down!


Jamie (New StingLad Eric Franke) decides it would be great fun to pelt the next door neighbour with water bombs. The neighbour thinks it is Ross, Jamie’s brother (Robin Palmer) 



Furious that one of the boys is blackening the family name the Landlord decides to put Ross over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking, never mind he is protesting his innocence! The Landlord has heard it all before!


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Later of course the truth is out, its discovered that Ross is in fact really an innocent party. Its time for Mr Denisa to act again! This time its young Jamie that’s going to get an over the knee spanking.


His trousers are pulled down and over he goes. Slap after slap turns his pale little bare backside a deep red. Now the door is ajar and his brother Ross too is getting a good view of the punishment taking place, much to the embarrassed annoyance of Jamie. 



The time their Landlord is not going to let Jamie off easily and next he is ordered over the end of the sofa to get a good dose of the strap! His bare bottom is well scolded already from the spanking but now the sting of the old leather strap is going to burn like fire. 



At the end, if nothing else, he’s going to really need a cold water bomb to blow the pain away!

Robin Palmer and Eric Franke play the Denisa brothers

Preview Video

You can view the preview video either ar the old Feel the Sting blog, by CLICKING HERE or at Spanking Tube by CLICKING HERE






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