Those of you who have been paying attention will recognise Czech (Sting) actor Dexter in the pictures above, showing off his muscular physique

Dexter is fact becoming a regular spanking top for Sting Pictures. In the first set of pictures below, Dexter puts new Sting actor David White through his paces in the soon to be released Sting Download, Bad Education.


David White – not just a pretty face

In the pictures below however, we see a different and bare bottomed side of Dexter, when he found himself on the stinging end of Rich O’Shea’s firm hand and cane, when he underwent the traditional Sting audition.


One thought on “Two sides of Dexter”
  1. Dexter is really great – as top or bottom!Bet the cane from him really stings!He shows how to take it too!

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