Stepping on to the wrong side of the law can have it consequences. For two young lads their brief crime spree turned out in a way that was not quite what they expected!! (these pictures from this October 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting).



Car theft otherwise known as the offence of take and drive is a popular first for the would be young tearaway. One lad (Alex Bell) was not so lucky in his first attempt and got caught. The burly owner of the vehicle (Phil Stone) knew the lads father but was persuaded not to call him if a different arrangement of punishment could be reached.


That arrangement would consist if a very hard spanking on the boys bare bottom …

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……followed buy a good stinging whacking with a whippy switch.


More than enough to dissuade the boy from further criminal activities!


The second scene from “Retribution


The second lad (Travis McKinnon) was going to try his luck at breaking and entering. 



He too met with disaster when the owner arrived back home to find the young miscreant about to make off with his laptop



Luckily here again a deal was struck, the owner being a fairly compassionate sort. However, he also knew the best way to teach a lad a lesson was to hammer in some common sense, via the rear. 



The boy would be going over the angry house owners knee, bare bottom raised for a good scorching spanking.

Then he is placed in the wheelbarrow position for a continuing and scolding spanking.


But it won’t be the end till the clothes bush had been brought to bear, this on an already bare and reddened, well spanked backside. 



All the lad could really do was to howl and take it, if only to keep out of jail for another day!


The Preview video can be viewed at Spanking Tube by CLICKING HERE







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