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The Reformatory 3

Keeping disciple in a busy reformatory full of unruly boys is of course a full time time job. The Warden and his staff are up to it though and woe betide and young hoodlum who thinks he can buck the system.


Young Tommy West (Paule Wolfe) is on cleaning duties where he is disturbed by another slightly older youth Wayne Brewster (Don Diego) This rough neck boy is out to make trouble for Tommy and succeeds in doing so.

Poor Tommy is sent to be disciplined for something he did not do

Leaving arrogant bully Wayne Brewster very pleased with himself

Tommy ends up receiving a hard paddling over the punishment frame

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This is followed by a good scorching over the knee spanking to follow!


Tommy feeling pretty hurt both out side and in. However, all is not lost, the bully Brewster forgot about one thing! ……


in Part 2 this story reaches a very just and satisfying conclusion.


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The Reformatory Part 3 – in 1080p Extra High Definition


The Reformatory Part 3 – in Standard Definition



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Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “An Undeserved Spanking (and Paddling) in “The Reformatory 3” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I just love the scenario, and Don in incredible, a good actor,, and what a hottie!

    More like this, and more of Don D

  2. I liked this video. Don Diego is a handsome, muscular guy who is also a good actor. His reaction to his spanking convinced this viewer that he was hurt and humiliated by the spanking. Well done, Don.

    I have two points to make, though:

    1) Paul Wolfe is smaller than Don Diego and he didn’t deserve his spanking, yet he received a more severe spanking than Don. Doesn’t seem fair. I realize that the authorities did not realize Paul was innocent when they punished him, but once they found out Don was the real culprit. they should have spanked Don even harder than they had spanked Paul.

    2) I liked the fact that both lads were spanked on the seats of their underpants before being spanked bare-assed, but I wish that the two guys had worn tight-fitting, skimpy briefs rather than those baggy shorts.

    Still, it was a very good video. I look forward to seeing Don Diego being spanked OTK in future videos. Keep up the good work.

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