The Video Preview for

Just The Job

starring James Holt and Rich O’Shea

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Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Video Preview for Just The Job”
  1. James Holt is a tall, athletic young man who has just turned 30. He is still young enough to play a young authority figure (young coach, young teacher, young policeman, etc.) who gets into trouble and chooses to be spanked rather than fired. However, the beard he has grown makes him look older than he really is. He really ought to shave that beard off if he is going to continue to play the bottom role.
    I have not bought this video but, based on the preview video, there don’t seem to be any facial shots of James grimacing and groaning while being spanked. That was a mistake.
    Bruce, if there are indeed facial shots of James reacting to his punishments in the complete video, please let us know.
    Finally, James needs to react in a more demonstrative way to being spanked – louder grunts and groans, more kicking and squirming over the spanker’s lap, whimpering, perhaps even crying out in pain.

  2. Bruce, a better scenario for a future video would be one in which James Holt (minus the beard) plays a young coach who gets caught by one or two of his athletes getting drunk or using drugs or smoking weed. The boys blackmail him – they will not turn him in to his superiors if he agrees to be spanked by them. James elects to be spanked. He does not take his punishment stoically – he kicks, squirms, groans, grimaces, and cries out in pain. The boys have recorded James misbehaving, so they can continue to blackmail him in the future.

  3. Great preview I like it a lot, but also a great scenarion Rasputin wrote! James or Dexter would be great actors where or even Spencer Lake.

  4. I am glad James is back . He is so very canable ( and I am sure he can take it much harder. Perhaps he could be convinced for some real stingers at the end of a shoot leaving vivid marks? ) I like Rasputin’s suggestions, but he can keep the beard if for instance he is a gardener who do not want to loose his job…

  5. Can we see a lot more of James Holt. Just the job was perfect and James OTB in his black jeans and black underwear was great. More James in the new year definitely OTK.

  6. James is very hot. And seems to pull off his different roles superbly. Definitely more James H over the knee sports bench etc. James in a sports scene with the same black underwear under some white shorts would be the perfect appetizer for the main entree. More James.

  7. The vibe in this video is awesome. Rich in charge of the hunky James Holt. Looking hot in his black gear and denim and when the jeans come down those tight black briefs! Liking James in both his roles but can we see more of James taking a spanking great dynamic seeing such a hunky guy over Rich’s knee.

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