The Video Preview for

Just What the Doctor Ordered

starring James Lewis and Domonic

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Video Preview

For the next three weeks, a copy of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


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Just What the Doctor Ordered – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Just What the Doctor Ordered – in Standard Definition


This video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

and also at Fetish Library

Title 2257


Based on an original concept by Dr van Spanking

By Bruce

15 thoughts on “Video Preview for Just What the Doctor Ordered”
    1. Hi Rasputin
      James is wearing underwear, briefs, the style and colour were as specified by Dr van Spanking in the detailed plot outline he gave Sting.


    2. Hi Rasputin , and thanks for your question. I originally wanted James to wear briefs because to me they are the best style of underwear for framing a boy’s bottom and thighs for punishment. Interestingly, though, I asked for this before James’ two most recent films, and he is wearing briefs in both of those – his choice, presumably. Since he has always worn boxer-briefs in the past, this seems to have marked something of a departure for him in terms of what he has habitually worn as underpants – long may it continue!

      1. Great concept. Finn Harper should be the next to take it for the team in a Just what the doctor ordered. Briefs and socks for sure.

      2. Thanks Dr van . The color of the briefs the socks the push ups putting the briefs back on for second installment all great details. Could we see Finn Harper in your next concept

  1. Bruce – any chance Tim Ptacek can appear in a video similar to this one, in which he is spanked OTK on the seat of his tight, skimpy briefs and on his bare buttocks?

    1. May I make a suggestion. You seem to have very particular tastes in how you like a scene to be with regards to clothing, how the boys react etc. Why not commision Sting to make a video for you. Im not sure how much it costs to do that but you could commision your own “Perfect” video to enjoy over and over.

      1. In the past Sting were reluctant to accept commissions, because of the difficulty of interpreting, and recreating someone else’s vision /fantasy. However, their views may have evolved on this, especially as Dr van Spanking was so happy with their interpretation of his concept. .

        1. Happy? Like I say, I am gobsmacked! I had an idea of what I hoped for – with some very sensible editing of a lengthy and detailed scenario, Sting just so massively exceeded my expectations in producing the best and spankiest video yet that I personally have seen young James perform in! I just can’t stop watching it!

  2. That’s something I ‘d love to see too! I am a big fan of Tim! I particularly enjoy the way he sweats heavily when he is being disciplined!

    1. I don’t think Tim always swats excessively, he did in “Cut Short” which was filmed during a heat wave, which would mage anyone who is active as Tim perspire.

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