The Video Preview for

Sports Report 21

Starring James Lewis and Marco

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By Bruce

16 thoughts on “Video Preview for Sports Report 21”
  1. Oh goodness! This is just excellent. James Lewis is so cute in that outfit, especially with those tiny tight shorts.

    His naughty boy caught out expression when Marco catches him. And Marco is as good as ever handing a deserved hand spanking.

  2. Oh, my ears and whiskers! I’ve just watched the whole video for a third utterly boner-making time, so am just making my way back down to earth from Spankers’ Heaven! Well worth every cent of the purchase cost, guys, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet – in fact it would have been cheap at twice the price!

    As we move into summer and can expect to see the young lads getting back into shorts, it was just the kipper’s knickers to see a foretaste of the feast to come with young James giving those super-short shorts an airing – seeing them stretched over his small and perfectly pert bottom and topping off a pair of very bare and truly slappable legs! And then, the brazen cheek of the little scamp, just lighting up like that! It was clear when Marco walked in and caught the lad that he was in for some very strict discipline indeed!
    I loved the immediate use of press-ups as a prelude to the spanking!I believe I have suggested Sting should use press-ups more with the lads! I myself use them regularly with my naughty boys as part of their punishment routine and I think it is good to create in their minds an association between press-ups and a smacked bottom!

    Jamesalways comes across as such a naughty boy, and has a mildly truculent manner which we often see with him and we equally often see spanked out of him! And this occasion is no exception! Made to stand against the wall as Marco gets ready to discipline him, he clearly takes in as he then turns round exactly why Marco has sat down – so he can lay James over his knee to smack his bottom! One of the things I enjoy about seeing James spanked is that he nearly always seems to be laid over the knee from the word GO! I can only think of two occasions when he wasn’t – one when he was caned and another when he was given a good belting alongside young Finn – and even then, he didn’t escape being laid across the knee either time as the second phase of his punishment!

    The shorts sequence of the video was one of the most exciting shorts parts of a film that I think I’ve seen Sting do, with the shorts tightened so that we can see James’ colourful boxer-briefs underneath them! Those who are fans of James will know that he is a confirmed wearer of coloured underpants, but I reckon these are the spankiest I’ve seen him wearing up to now! We have seen at least three other boys in these short, shiny white shorts, all sporting them very spankably, but I think James looks the most spankable in them yet as he bends over Marco’s knee to get what’s coming to him – well deserved too!

    I just wondered if I might suggest here how I might have made a difference to this video. I would have really loved to see James being smacked on his underpants! It isn’t just the fact that smacking on underpants is my ‘thing’ as I’m sure everyone knows by now – it’s that when James had to take his shorts off, he looked SO deliciously spankable in those heavily-patterned boxer-briefs and I would have to say not to have had Marco lay him over his knee in them feels like a missed opportunity. However, the compensation was watching the lad’s phenomenally cheeky little bum turn a lovely sunset pink under the not-so-tender ministrations of Marco’s iron hand of discipline!

    This was a severe spanking which clearly tested young James to his limits – he evidently found Marco’s rapid-fire smacking very hard to take! I don’t know how it is that the boys don’t start crying – the discipline they endure for our delectation must bring them pretty close to it at times! James is to be congratulated on what he managed to take on this occasion when it was clear he was being smacked very hard!

    As much as the spanking, I enjoyed watching James putting his clothes back on, always an important part of a punishment video for me, especially when there is plenty of bending over to pull up pants and shorts / trousers and replace shoes! And then in James’ case, a brief lecture before he departs, recalling for me occasions when I had had to have a reminder through the seat of my trousers and briefs of the evils of smoking!

    I would love to see the threatened caning as a sequel to this fantastic little clip! A scenario in which James tries and pushes his luck yet again with smoking! Perhaps, for variety’s sake, wearing another pair of shorts – those short navy-blue ones that young Lukas Taylor wore in ‘Not very sporting’ would be perfect – with a good short pair of coloured underpants on underneath them, naturally! And – please! – let’s this time have a good punishment-on-underpants sequence!

    Well done, James for taking a spanking of considerable thoroughness! It is good to see that Marco’s recent illness has not affected his spanking hand or the vigour with which he lays it on!

    I’d just like to finish with a question. The Sting wardrobe includes several pairs of short shorts, all of which make the boys look very spankable! I wondered, though – do the lads get any say in which ones they wear or are they presented with a pair and told they are going to wear them as punishment shorts?

    Cliff van Spanking.

  3. Have watched this video several times now and it really is just great. James Lewis just looks so perfect in those shorts. Would love to see more of him in tight shorts like this getting a thorough spanking.

    Are Sting back to being able to film again?

    Can’t wait to see more from James and some of my other favourites.

    1. Sting will be back in action shortly. Rich and Jonathan are a lot better, and Rich actually edited the last two releases. It is a little early to start filming again, but there is some material which was filmed previously, which can be edited and released.

  4. Great news that Sting will be in action again soon and that Richard and Jonathan are on the mend. In the meantime, appreciated the two recent new releases featuring James and Finn Harper which certainly lived up to tradition.

  5. I have just got round to watching this I am so happy it was fabulous!!

    This has to be said the action the OTK hand spanking with bouts of RAPID FIRE was nothing short of an A* SPANKING!! You cannot get better then this (IMPO) in terms of good quality spanking action the fact that Lewis legs are spread only adds to the erotic-ness of it all for me. This is exactly spanking and some I know that one comment mentioned above this comes across as porn rather than spanking but once you watch the full clip you’ll instantly know at the core of this is just pure spanking and furthermore Marco really gives what I would regard as a top performance you know the ones where you can feel every slap after slap raining down on the models bottom so I am completely convinced. This is preferably the type of spanking action I enjoy the most its really good and I love these all out OTK SPANKING clips.

    Ps. I wanted to add a little context regarding the comment mentioned here about leg spreading (which is a personal favourite of mine) I know that to some people it may come off as “sexual” but to me I don’t necessarily see it in that way to me it aids/adds to the clip being more erotic in terms that the model getting spanked is made to spread there legs apart which in itself is humiliating on top of already getting spanked so not only is the mode being spanked it is done in an embarrassing way and I think that is rather tantalising myself and it just looks so damn good. This is very similar to underwear/socks on/off but for me both is fine sometimes I like seeing a model with there underwear around there legs/ankles and other times I like for it to be completely removed so we can see the above regardless of taste the spanking action is never in question.

    I recommend this clip if you want some golden standard hand spanking action!! 😉

  6. I especially liked that Marco had James Lewis lying over his lap so that James’s legs wrapped around Marco’s leg so that the boy’s butt was spread apart provocatively.

  7. I liked this video. James Lewis is a good-looking young man. Marco gave James a good, hard OTK spanking, and James responded well to his punishment – lots of grimacing, grunts and groans, squirming over Marco’s lap, kicking his legs, spreading his legs provocatively, futilely resisting as Marco spanked him, etc.

    I also liked the fact that James was wearing very short gym shorts. However, the video would have been a great one if James had worn tight, skimpy low-rise briefs under his gym shorts, and he had been spanked hard on those briefs before being spanked on his bare buttocks.

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