Click here or on the read more tab below to see the video preview for “Got the Message!” starring Don Diego and Aria Rossi

WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Video Preview for Sting CFNM Discipline “Got the Message””
  1. On the subject of which type of model I prefer, although I adore the likes of Robin Palmer of Axel Green, in M/M Dad and son, or schoolboy role, in CFNM I prefer the actor to be a more hunky and muscular type. In many ways Don Diego is well cast, he’s a “jock” type with a great body and a fantastic bum.

    What I love about CFNM is the element of humiliation, where a guy who thinks he is an alpha male gets shamed, embarrassed and brought down a few pegs. That just seems so much hotter when it is an arrogant alpha male type, rather than with a twink type.

    So, in a CFNM context, my vote is for the hunks or at least “jocks”(I found Viktor Adam and Max Duggan, too heavy set, whereas Don Diego, or Travis McKinnon in “Detention” were perfect in my view)

    1. I totally agree with you. Watching an alpha being brought down by a strict lady is the best. I, yet, disagree with you about Victor Adam and Max Duggan as I don’t think that they are ‘too heavy set’ at all.

  2. I agree with Lars. Victor Adam and Max Duggan were just the kind of hunky jock that I enjoyed watching being humiliated. As to the current video, Aria Rossi is certainly good-looking and muscular enough to be considered a “hunk”. He also did a very good job of responding properly to a spanking – lots of “Ouch!”s and “Ow”s, grunts, grimaces, squirming, etc. The only thing that was missing in this video was true of so many CFNM videos – the lady just didn’t spank hard enough.

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